Artistes and artists at a Mylapore park on Sunday

While the Mikeless Kutcheris are a regular feature at Nageswara Rao Park, showcasing the talents of young musicians and organised by Sundaram Finance, there is another group of people (besides the audience) who take in not just the sounds, but the sights as well, and showcase their own talents.

CWA @ Mikeless Kutcheri

Chennai Weekend Artists (CWA) are a varied group of professionals who sketch around the city on weekends. Mylapore is their favourite haunt and today, some visitors to the park got their portraits sketched while listening to an open air kutcheri. Certainly, an interesting way to spend a Sunday morning at the park!

This capture by artist Murali eloquently depicts the morning using just a pencil and paper.

More photos and sketches are viewable on their Facebook page.