Section of old house in San Thome collapses

The roof of a very old house in San Thome’s Sullivan Street came crashing down on Monday morning. Local residents said that they heard a big noise and when they came to the location of this house, the roof had fallen through and there were cracks all over the house. But nobody was hurt or injured.

The property is said to belong to the CSI church and those who lived here had vacated some time ago.

Till 9 p.m., while a few policemen stood guard and lights were used to light up the house, it was said that the house could be demolished only when permit was got from the church authorities.

There are still a few old houses, some over 50/70 years old in this area which forms the old sector of San Thome, much of which belongs to the Catholic and Protestant churches; some have been rented out, some under litigation and some redeveloped.

These are on San Thome High Road, Sullivan Street, Nimmo Street, Kutchery Road and Rosary Church Road.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, it became clear that one section of the old house had collapsed. A senior couple who lived here were said to have gone off to work while a woman and her son, also tenants were not in the house when the incident took place.

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