Obit: L. N. Krishna Sastrigal

L. N. Krishna Sastrigal, (53 years old) popularly known as Lalgudi Sastrigal, breathed his last on September 30 at a hospital in R. A. Puram. A resident of Mylapore and Mandavelli for 30 years, he had been the regular priest for many households, even beyond the Mylapore peripheral, for conducting regular poojas, monthly and yearly rituals.  This could be seen from the unabated stream of visitors to see him, wish him and pray for him during his stay at the hospital. 

He was under observation and treatment for over a month. Up until then he was busy preparing for the forthcoming Mahalayam, preceding Navarathri, devoid of any major symptoms. The loss of his close associate Ganesa Sastrigal in January in an accident, was a big shock he had to endure in recent months.

His popularity rose to new heights after a recent TV episode that telecast the wedding of a TV celebrity, for which he was the main priest. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. His family can be reached at 9176613552.

– Tribute by K. Swaminathan (9444849264).


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