Remembering Pandanallur Subbaraya Pillai

The Natyanjali Trust is organising two events to celebrate the birth centenary of Pandanallur Subbaraya Pillai. The first event Рthe 8th Nartaka festival will be held on Oct 30, Nov 1 and 2. Highlights include performances by Ajit Basker Dass and group, Sai Santhosh Radhakrishnan, Christopher Guruswamy and B. Harikrishnan on Oct 30, Praveen Kumar and Justin McCarthy on Nov 1, a lecture demonstration by Shankar Kandaswamy and a performance by students of V. P. Dhananjayan on Nov 2.

At the award ceremony, which will be held on Nov 2, Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman will present the Nartaka award to guru V. P. Dhananjayan. A dance performance by the guest of honour C. V. Chandrasekhar will follow the award ceremony.

The second event – the Natya Utsav festival will be held from Nov 7 – 9. The festival will be inaugurated by Meenakshi Chitaranjan on Nov 7. The guest of honour is renowned dancer Nandini Ramani. A performance by Vidhya Subramanian will follow the inauguration ceremony. Highlights include performances by Kavya Muralidharan on Nov 7, Sudharma Vaidyanathan and Navia Natarajan on Nov 8, Lakshmi Parthasarathy Athreya and a lecture demonstration by Meenakshi Chitranjan and her students on Nov 9. Both events will be held at BVB, Mylapore. Ph:9940011816.


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