Narada Gana Sabha promoter, Krishnaswamy passes away

The man behind the foundation and promotion of one of the city’s biggest sabhas, Narada Gana Sabha, R. Krishnaswamy has passed away. The end came early this morning at a hospital where he was being treated. He was unwell for a long time and had kept away from the sabha’s activities for over a  year. The funeral, we hear will be held tomorrow. His family resides in Alwarpet.

Krishnaswamy led his team at the sabha to launch and promote dozens of religious and cultural events which made NGS a hub of activity. There were also his detractors – people who disliked his demeanor.

But to him must be given credit for shaping the early days and growth of this arts institution. It was not an easy job and the man and his team strove to raise the auditorium on TTK Road, Alwarpet on land which was once cultivated as rice fields.

Also, he okayed lots of programs for classical dancers. Workshops, festivals, monthly promotionals – many dancers and gurus benefitted from them.

Natyarangam, that NGS housed and feathered project was one such dance promotion idea that stands good even today. So is the annual dance fest which is themed and challenges story writers, composers, musicians and dancers to think afresh and present on stage on a variety of themes, some esoteric.

He also promoted theatre events and gave the hall space to deserving people.

Shrewd, calculative and demanding, Krishnaswamy remained that way till the end. Many would say that a sabha promoter has to be this to be successful.

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  1. I have had the privilege and honour of working with Mr. R. Krishnaswami. While you are right in saying that credit for founding, shaping, and growing the Narada Gana Sabha goes to him, I find your use of the words, “shrewd calculating and demanding”, to be highly disrespectful and improper.
    I am deeply offended by this and am sure that many others too, would be hurt by this obituary column.

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