R. A. Puram resident wins Future Lions award at Cannes, France

Divya Seshadri (right) with the Future Lions 2015 trophyR. A. Puram resident Divya Seshadri (seen on the right in the picture) is the first Indian to win the prestigious Future Lions Award at Cannes, France this year.

The 22 year old and her team mate Meghan D O’Neill received the award for their SafeStamp idea that can help prevent drunk driving.

Divya’s idea revolves around a flat microchip (made of temporary tattoo paper) that, when pasted on the skin, attracts ions and sweat to measure blood sugar levels. Originally developed for diabetics, this mechanism can also be used to measure the alcohol content in sweat when a person is drinking. The idea is for every person entering a bar to get a ‘SafeStamp’ which constantly measures the alcohol content in sweat and glows blue when a person is no longer safe to drive.

More than 1800 students from 60 countries participated in this event which is one of the biggest awards for professionals in creative communication.

Divya is currently pursuing a degree in art direction from Miami Ad School in San Francisco, U. S. A. She can be reached at 9884911491.