New year events at hotels low-key but the buzz will be in San Thome and on the Marina

Police have advised New Year eve revellers not to indulge in acts that affect the peace and law and order in neighborhoods. Those violating this will be booked.

Though many local hotels seem to have kept their New Year parties on a low profile and some have restrained their loud adverts, the celebrations in community spaces could also remain low key due to the devastation that the early December deluge had caused.

The young are expected to head to Marina beach tonight as this has been a popular place to hang out and celebrate the new year – with crowds milling around the public clock of P. ORR & Sons at the roundabout located off the DGP’s office.

Police will be on duty in this area that gets very crowded and chaotic.

Local churches are hosting their midnight Masses and prayer services – so San Thome High Road will be a busy place at midnight and after.

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