Corporation set to drop central median design for Luz Church Road

In a sudden volte-face Chennai Corporation seems to have dropped the idea of a central media on Luz Church Road, proposed in the new design that was being implemented and may opt for a crash barrier in its place.

Architects working on this project in Luz say that Corporation engineers have reacted thus after a few Mylaporeans expressed their opposition to the central median design.

If the civic body throws in the towel then the design to give Luz Church Road a smarter look will be a half-executed one.

Mylaporeans who object to the central median assume that the central median will affect the flow of traffic – this despite the fact that the designers highlighting the space that has been designed for smooth flow on either side of the proposed median.

Other Mylaporeans fear that the median space will also be hijacked to dry clothes, set up hawker stalls and create chaotic conditions.

Unfortunately, save for a public meet hosted by the Corporation some two years ago on the proposal, further dialogues with the community here were not held which is some ways has created a huge communication chasm between the builders and the community.

Also, the community here has not made any effort to study this project and push for dialogues well before it was rolled out. The opposition at this stage makes  a mockery of this civic project.


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