Residents frustrated with power cuts and fluctuations

Power cuts are being reported from several areas in the neighbourhood.

At Madha Church Road, Mandavelipakkam, there was no power from 10 a.m. to about 4 p.m. in the afternoon today (April 30). A frustrated resident asks “Are the power cuts technical or political? The same time last year, we did not have any problems and had power even during the month of May”.

At West Circular Road, a resident, Venkatachalam says the power supply has been erratic. “For more than 15 days now, power gets cut atleast for an hour at night, sometimes for more than 2 hours. When we do have power, the voltage is very low. The street lights are not burning most of the time and residents are finding it difficult to walk at night”.

At Karaneeswarar Koil Street, Mylapore, residents say the power situation has been bad since mid April. Frequent fluctuations and power outages for more than 2 to 3 hours at a stretch has been happening there everyday. Guru Rajan – the AE of Mylapore East (TN Electricity Board) says the problem is because of an overload. “Most of the residents run two or three a/c’s at a time and the overload as a result of this is causing problems. We have identified two or three places where we could put up a transformer and once we set that up the problem should get solved”, he says.

Power outages have also been reported at T. S. V. Koil Street and Mosque Street at Mylapore and Sriram Colony at Alwarpet.

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  1. Even in medavakkam we are seeing power cut today mosy of the day and night. There was power for only 3-4 hours only. The powercuts started early morning 5 am on April 30 th and continued till 1 st of may. Not sure when power will resume.

    If there is such huge shortage of power atleast the government should have made it clear to the public. Very poor government in tamil nadu. Not sure how these politians will come and beg for votes.

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