Traffic jams and road blocks near Sai Baba Temple frustrates drivers

Road blocks near Sai Baba TempleTraffic jams and road blocks are a common sight near Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore on Thursdays. Vehicles entering Venkatesa Agraharam Road are not allowed to pass by the temple and have to turn left into Alamelumangapuram. The same is the case for vehicles entering the area from the other side. They  have to take a right into V. C. Garden and are not allowed to cross the temple. In addition to the diversion, vehicles have to wait for a long time to manoeuvre their way out of the street.

S. Swetha, a student, who passes by that area regularly is frustrated with the road blocks. She says, “The situation doesn’t change at all. The authorities must do something to regulate traffic here as this happens every week. It takes a very long time to cross that small stretch and the heat is definitely not helping the situation”.

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  1. It is time, the City managers and the cops removed the encroachment on the bridge after the Sai Baba temple and further on the roads leading to Nageswara park side. About 10 years back, that stretch was claer and road fairly broad. Now, the encroachments are there on the bridge itself. This would better traffic flow, at least partly. On Thursdays, there is utter chaos.

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