Heritage Walk this Sunday; exploring spaces off Adyar Creek

If you would like to explore a bit of local area history this Sunday, join a group which wants to map the cultural heritage around the Adyar river, from its origin to the place where it joins the sea – which is in our area.

A bunch of heritage enthusiasts of the city have organised a Walk of key spots that lie on either side of the Adyar creek and estuary.

The walk is on Sunday morning ( Oct.2) and will be on for about two hours. The route will cover Quibble Island, Leith Castle, St Lazarus Church, Dhyana Ashram and a few other landmarks like an old film studio and the mansions of VIPs.

To be on this Walk, assemble at Sangeetha’s restaurant on San Thome High Road ( opposite the ‘old’ Foreshore Estate arch). Open to all. No registration required.

Check this – https://www.facebook.com/events/1799700663601759/

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