Focus on tank of Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple to receive tapped monsoon rainwater

Mylapore’s temple tanks must be made use of to tap rainwater at monsoon time. And if Chennai Corporation engineers of the area follow-up on their plans, their teams will soon be focussing on the Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple.

Two months ago, the tank was bone dry.

However, Corporation engineers who studied the topography of this area and the temple campus realised that it was possible to tap the run-off from water falling and flowing on the neighbourhood roads and streets.

The model code that came into play when the local body elections were announced put a break on this work. Now that the elections are off for now, the engineers can get back to the temple zone to execute their plans.

The Department of Municipal Administration has been keenly working on water harvesting projects in the city; they are discussed at regular meetings.

Activists and experts who lend their hand to such projects say the October meeting at the Secretariat could push the local engineers to complete the temple project quickly – so as to tap the monsoon that is due later this month.

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