Large queues outside banks this Sunday; ATMs though lifeless

There were huge queues outside neighbourhood banks since 9.30 a.m. this Sunday as people seemed keen to make use of the holiday to drop off old notes and get some notes of smaller denomination.

Be it in Mandavelipakkam or in San Thome, Mylapore or R A Puram, the space around the banks saw large crowds.

The queue outside the HDFC bank branch off San Thome High Road hung on well past 1 p.m. as the staff here did their best to service as many people as they could.

All ATMs though across the area were either shut down or lifeless.

And many shop keepers said that their clients were going slow on shopping,saying that people want to plan their expenses since they are still unsure when the currency of denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.100 becomes easy to access.

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