South Mada Street is a mess as work on new sidewalks drags on

mt-mada-st-sidewalksSouth Mada Street is in a mess – at least its sides are.  Mounds of soil, loads of stones and cement slabs flank the sides of a road which is a busy market place, a place where Mylaporeans shop for vegetables and fruits, coffee powder and provisions.

This chaotic  state is a result of the long-drawn project by Chennai Corporation to re-design the mada streets, creating relaid and broad sidewalks.

The old sidewalks on South Mada Street have been dug up, the old slabs removed and the new design is being constructed.

But the presence of the hawkers and encroachments created by shops that line this street is slowing down the civic work.

The newly-designed sidewalks are in place on North and East Mada Street, though very few people use them. Some hawkers have taken over the space.