Is Mylapore ready for the monsoon? Local officials share details..

Officials of Chennai Corporation, Metro Water and TANGEDCO who work in the Mylapore area share details and information.

Chennai Corporation
M. Kanmani – the AE of Corporation Ward No. 173, which covers MRC Nagar, R. K. Nagar, Greenways Road, parts of R. K. Mutt Road and Mandaveli, says –
1. The first cycle of desilting storm water drains is done and the second cycle is taking place.
2. Chute pipes have been cleaned in most areas.
3. The disposal ‘mouths’ at the Buckingham Canal and Adyar river have also been cleaned.

4. Workers are ready – they have been provided raincoats and gum boots.
5. Motors to pump out water are in working condition and the diesel, petrol and oil needed for the motors to work have been stocked.
6. Staff are prepared to work overtime if necessary.
Contacts – Ward 126 – 9445190426, Ward 173 – 9445190473

Metro Water
G. M. Ramalingam, area engineer of Zone 9, which covers most areas of Mylapore, R. A. Puram, Mandaveli, Alwarpet, Abhiramapuram and San Thome says –
1. The complaint cell at the Area office is open 24×7 and one AE will also be on special duty at night to attend to issues.
2. Pumping stations, which are usually shut off at night, will be kept running all day and night.
3. Water logging areas will be checked: open manholes will be closed immediately.
4. Water will be pumped out using super sucker machines and a sewer lorry: both are on standby.
5. At filling stations, residual chlorine will be maintained at 5 ppm (parts per million) and 0.4 ppm at the consumer end.
6. Water lorries will supply water to areas where water supply is affected.
Contacts – Ward 123 – 24996792, Ward 126 – 24956871 and Ward 173 – 24938658.

An official at the Luz office says –
1. Pillar boxes have been raised in areas that are prone to water-logging.
2. Leave has been cancelled for employees.
3. Steps have been taken to ensure zero interruption of power during the rains.
4. In the event of trees falling over wires, cranes will be pressed into service.
5. Phone lines are open 24 hours and residents can call in when major power outages happen.
Contacts – Mylapore – 28112526, Mandaveli – 24641134, R. A. Puram – 24937383.

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