Mandavelipakkam residents meet; To tackle garbage and parking issues

mandavelipakkam swachh bharatAbout a year ago, three residents of 6th Trust Cross Street, Mandavelipakkam – Shankar, Vasanthi Sampath and dancer-guru Sasirekha Rammohan decided they had to do something about their street. There was garbage strewn everywhere, vehicles were parked haphazardly and there were several other civic issues that needed to be addressed.

With the help of the local civic bodies, the residents slowly brought about small changes to make it a zero-garbage street. That initiative gained momentum on Saturday, Feb 4 when more volunteers decided to pitch in to help. The meeting lasted for more than an hour and was attended by representatives from other associations and Mangalam from Green Pammal.

These experts talked about how they overcame hurdles in their areas and also talked about
source segregation and vermi composting. A whatsapp group has now been formed with key
residents, corporation and other officials.

Regulate parking, road laying and keeping the area clean are some of the key issues on their agenda for next few months, says resident Vasanthi Sampath.