Drinks, parked cars and garbage mounds; Luz Avenue today

Oldtime residents of Luz Avenue have been moaning over the degradation of this verdant and once-quiet neighbourhood. Mounds of food and domestic waste, nooks treated as urinals and streetsides used as permanent parking lots.

Now, the avenue is under further pressure all of 24 hours.

Customers of the shops and restaurants opposite the main gate of Nageswara Rao Park, guests at events held at the Corporation Community Hall and taxis and vans also park on both sides of this avenue road that hugs the large park campus.

A staffer at Raga Sudha hall said that people who attends music concerts here now complain that the access to the hall poses problems while those look to hire this hall for social events, in the morning and afternoons are crying off because there is no common parking space.

On Friday night, just after the short shower one witnessed a taxi driver mixing a drink inside his car, parked on the Avenue. This is also a common sight at night; residents say groups gather here to have a quick drink.

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