Tabla artiste Anuradha vibes with small audience at weekend concert

Anuradha Pal is perhaps India’s foremost female tabla artistes. She was in Luz on Friday evening to perform at the Raga Sudha Hall on Luz Avenue for a ICCR and Ariyakudi Foundation event. Alongside her was her sishya who played on the keyboard.

The audience was small and Anuradha chose to entertain these rasikas with an impromptu chat and perform pattern of a concert that infused some energy into the event.

She introduced rasikas to the five gharanas of the music and took off from everyday conversations we have to illustrate the compositions. Of a husband and wife talking furiously at a street corner to herself in bed, as she begged for an extra hour of sleep from a mother who insisted she must get out of bed and get ready for college!

It had been a tough day for this artiste. Her dad and her husband are sick, one is in hospital and she had hardly any sleep; she cancelled her morning flight, took the afternoon one, dashed to the concert venue and was rushing home on the late night Mumbai flight. But she was chirpy all through.


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