Traffic changes made around P. S. Senior school zone to ease peak-hour movement

Traffic bound to and from P. S. Senior School in Alamelumangapuram will hopefully be smooth following some changes made in this area.

The school managers and City Traffic Police have made  few changes – there is access now near Selvi Scans and students who cycle to school may head this way and use the parking lot create there.

Access has also been made to the school for students to get into the P. S. H S School campus via the gates on R. K. Mutt Road, and walk across the playground and enter P. S. Senior school.

Community activist Baskar Seshadri says that one key issue that needs immediate attention is the parking of vans and vehicles near the P. S. Senior main gates which affects the flow of cycles and bikes and pedestrians. Baskar says local police must get the drivers of these vans to avoid using this school zone.

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