Vaikasi Peruvizha on at Sri Velleeswarar Temple till June 9

The annual Vaikasi PeruvizAdikara Nandiha celebrations are on at Sri Velleeswarar Temple, South Mada Street, Mylapore till June 9.

Today it was the turn of the deity to make rounds of the Mada Streets on the Adikara Nandi vahanam. The procession went on till 1 p.m. today afternoon.

The vahanam made stops at frequent intervals to accept the offerings of the devotees. While some offered fruits and flowers, other offered dhoties/sarees for the deities and other pooja items too.

The other main events include rishaba vahanam on June 4, thiruther on June 6, Sukra Bhagavan kanperudhal vizha on June 7 and thirukalyanam on June 9 in the evening. Music concerts will be held for ten days after the festival.