Traffic management for Panguni fest: suggestion to local police

Mylapore Traffic Police have a standard traffic management plan for the annual Panguni festival of Sri Kapali Temple.

On days when the daily processions are taken out on the four mada streets, traffic is re-routed.

Traffic from and into the smaller streets that fall into the mada streets is also managed.

Now, some Mylaporeans have a few suggestions to make. Among them is traffic management on Nadu Street.

The suggestion comes from K S Shankar.

He says that here are barricades erected at the west end of Nadu Street ( near East Mada Street junction) restricting the entry of vehicles especially four wheelers into the East Mada Street during festival time.

Shankar says that during this festival the barricades or sign board must be set up not at this point but near Salai Street – this will stop cars and autos from entering Nadu Street and then forced to turn back.

The narrow Nadu Street does not allow for easy U turn and causes a mess.