Sale of saris, fabrics with legendary heritage at Alwarpet boutique

The silk fabrics woven in Mubharakpur are legendary. The weavers here have been practicing ancient handloom silk weaving techniques since the 14th century. Their trademark style is satin weave with zari motifs.

The Kota doria saris from Kaithoon in southern Rajasthan, where fine fabric was woven with a blend of silk and cotton with a unique checks pattern are known. As is the Varanasi fabric.

Craftmark, which has taken up the mission to revive weaving clusters of Mubarakpur, Kota and Varanasi is now here in the city to showcase the fabrics.

There is an exhibition titled Kalavati now on at Shilpi boutique on C P Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet. There are hand-woven saris from these three regions. The saris — revived and infused with vibrant energy by Craftmark — are on sale. Till May 31, 10am to 8 pm.

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