State plans road via music varsity and Adyar banks to ease traffic flow in south R. A. Puram

A civic project mooted some years ago has been resurrected. Laying a road from Dr D. G. S. Dhinakaran side to link with the new Adyar bridge via the TN University of Music and Fine Arts and the banks of the Adyar river.

The project was announced by the chief minister in the state Assembly on Monday.

The intended road is meant to take the Mylapore to Adyar traffic and if that works, make the bridge to the playground section of the present road ( Durgabhai Deshmukh Road) ‘one way’ – allowing freer movement of the Adyar to Mylapore/Alwarpet traffic.

This project was mooted a few years ago but the plan got into the freezer.

However, if this new road project is implemented two environmentally-unfriendly actions will have to happen – disturb the verdant college campus and affect the recently-grown mangroves on the river banks as part of the bigger Adyar Creek and River Restoration project.

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