Idea to channel rainwater on Bazaar Road into local temple tank

Why does the tank of Sri Virupakseeswarar Temple in Mylapore’s Bazaar Road area do dry weeks after it fills after a good spell of rain?

The dozens of deeply-sunk pipes of bore pumps of all the houses around the temple suck up all that groundwater. And more, the water stored in the temple tank.

But civic activists say that efforts must be made to trap any water that flows by when it rains in this area. And to to do this, one easy method is to divert the water that falls on Bazaar Road and runs alongside the main gate of this temple, trap the waste that flows with the water and let the water flow through the temple and into the tank.

Rain water harvesting expert Shekher says that all that needs to be done is to construct a ‘breaker’ near the temple’s gate and channel the water into the temple yard.

“The temple’s floor is naturally sloped so water will easily run into the tank on the east end, ” says Shekher.

He intends to present the plan to the Mylapore MLA who he hopes will get local police and Chennai Corporation officials to get that ‘breaker’ built before the monsoon breaks out.


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