Mural on ‘Battle of Adyar’ planned off Quibble Island

The Battle of Adyar, of 18th century time is still referred to in military manuals – for strategy and purpose. And it is a battle that took place off Quibble Island at the far end of San Thome.

Now, a group of retired Indian Army officers who celebrate the Army’s milestones, are planning a mural that will illustrate this battle and be set up the very area it took place.

It took place in October 1746. The French had taken charge of Fort St George, kicking out the English and they were strong in Pondicherry.

The English’s ally, Nawab of Arcot sent his forces to challenge the French. They massed up on the north banks of the Adyar riverine/estuary while the French troops from Pondicherry had arrived on the south banks.

The French army was small – it had French trained Indian troops. This well-trained and well directed army battered the Nawab’s forces, a huge one at that and won that battle.

Says Capt. D. P. Ramachandran of this group, “The mural art project is still in an absolutely nascent stage. I have done some preliminary work on the artwork, but we have not yet finalised the design with our professional artist. He will get going only after we have identified a sponsor since it’s quite an expensive affair.”


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