Swami Desikar’s 750th year celebration: At Sri Vedanta Desikar Temple till Sep 21

Special programmes will be held at Sri Vedanta Desikar Temple, Mylapore to mark Swami Desikar’s 750th year celebrations.

A yajur veda parayanam will be held in the afternoon everyday till Sep 8. On Sep 8, a special thirumanjanam will be held for Swami Desikar (moolavar and utsavar) with 108 kalasams. On Sep 9, a Desikar sahasranamam sankalpa archanai will be held. The same evening, a saxaphone recital by G. Ramanathan will follow the sahasra deepam.

The ten day annual Desikar utsavam will be held from Sep 11 to 21. The deity will adorn different alangarams in the morning. In the evening, the deity will be taken on a procession on various vahanams. The schedule is as follows:

Sep 12 – Yaali vahanam
Sep 13 – Suryaprabhai
Sep 14 – Simha vahanam
Sep 15 – Chandraprabhai
Sep 16 – Hamsa vahanam
Sep 17 – Kuthirai vahanam
Sep 18 – Mena pallaku
Sep 19 – Yaanai vahanam
Sep 20 – Thanga ketayam

On Sep 21, Perumal and Desikar will be taken to Desika Bhavanam and Palathope at Luz at 8 a.m. and brought back to the temple after which a thirumanjanam will be held. Patthi ulathal will be held in the evening.