Activists share tips on celebrating Navaratri in enviro-friendly ways

Mylapore-based civic activists who promote enviro-friendly acts by people and advise on recycling have been sharing tips to keep in mind, while planning to celebrate a green Navaratri.
R A Puram-based Ganga Sridhar of SWM – People Forum shared these tips –
1 Carry your own cloth or jute bag while visiting neighbours and friends .
2. Remember to not buy or give polypropylene bags, which are sold as non-woven cloth
bags as they are non-biodegradable and pollute the environment.

3. Stop buying plastic kumkum/manjal containers and pakku packets, instead pack them
in old newspapers.
4. Don’t give plastic trays, boxes and bowls as gifts, which are not durable and quickly
end up in the waste can.
5. Try gifting fruits, saplings, sweets or even small packs of dry fruits. Glass jars, pottery
items, millets and pulses are a few other useful options for gifts.
6. Encourage everyone to eat sundal from dhonnai (dried leaf cup), so that usage of ziplock and plastic covers can be prevented. Even better, just use the plates and bowls
at your home.

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