Revolving gate at Nageswara Rao Park problematic, say users

The locked main gates at Nageswara Rao Park forces people to use the revolving gates but this direction is getting on the  nerves of some Mylaporeans who use this park regularly.

Purva Bhatter from Alamelumangapuram says, “Whilst the revolving gate has kept cyclists at bay (which was probably the reason for its installation), it poses a problem for a number of other users. For instance, mothers carrying kids in prams may find the park inaccessible. “

The main gates are locked through the day.

Other Mylaporeans ask why many areas are kept out of bounds.

Sundaram Finance which maintains the park feels the fences have been erected to protect these areas where lawns have been luxurious and need protection and growing trees add to the greenery of the park, much of which was destroyed in cyclone Vardah,