Three liquor sales shops will be closed on Monday: day of arubathumoovar procession

Three TASMAC shops that sell liquor in the Mylapore area will remain closed on Monday when the grand arubathumoovar procession, of the 63 Saivite saints takes place through the mada streets of Sri Kapali Temple as part of its Panguni festival.

Mylapore MLA, Dr. R. Nataraj shared this information today, saying that the TASMAC officials had acceded to his request which was based on many pleas made by Mylaporeans on this issue.

Nataraj said that the TASMAC shops opposite Thirumylai MRTS station, the one in Pallakkumanagar and on Canal Bank Road area will be shut on Monday, throughout.

Thousands of people from Mylapore and across the city will head to the temple zone for the procession that starts at about 3 p.m.