Boys of Raja Muthiah school enjoy activity based learning

This past week, on Tuesday evening, class 12 boys at Raja Muthiah School in R. A. Puram were deeply engrossed in activity based learning, which took place during their special class.

Students pursuing B. Ed. from Lady Willingdon College in Triplicane, who were here for their internship took English class under the guidance of the school’s staff.

They included many activities while teaching simple English sentences. “We also show videos from our mobile phones to teach stories rather than narrating them. This way, they will also understand the story better,” says N. G. Pamila, who was teaching here.

Of late we have also been showing motivational videos to the students, adds another teacher.

Around 80 boys were divided into many teams for an activity called – ‘The Jumbled Race’. It was about forming sentences from the words written on chart papers clips.

During the activity, the teachers encouraged peer learning and ensured complete participation from each student of a team.

Says S. Thirugnanam, Headmaster of the School, “The activity based learning will be very helpful for all our children, especially for the Tamizh medium students to learn english. We also include such activities in our regular classes whenever possible.”