Primary students at P. S. Senior School need not carry heavy bags anymore

Primary students at P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore need not bear the burden of heavy books and notebooks any more.

The principal, Revathi Parameswaran says, “For classes I and II, the textbooks will be kept at school and students have been asked to bring one notebook only. For classes III, IV and V, the students will use one notebook for 3 subjects. They will have to bring the textbooks only when exercises will be done in class. A note will be sent to the parents in the school calendar with details on when the textbook lessons will be done”.

She continues, “Though parents have been informed of the changes, some of them continue to send four or five rough notebooks. To ensure this does not happen, we are periodically checking the bags of the students and sending feedback to the parents. Students have also been asked not to cover their books and notebooks. Binding too has been discouraged as this increases the weight of the books”.

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