Organic vegetables and fruits store opens on R. K. Mutt Road

Farm Fresh Hand-Picked Organics, a new store that sells organic vegetables, fruits, and greens has opened on R.K.Mutt Road, Mylapore.

It also stocks organically-grown rice and millet varieties.

To avoid plastic usage, the foodstuff is stored in glass containers and cold-pressed oils, including groundnut and gingelly oil, are stored in glass dispensers.

With its warehouse at Chinmaya Nagar, this business has been in operation in the city since 2014.

Says Vivek Sundar, the owner of the store, “We were supplying our products in bulk to various other markets. Now we have started a retail outlet.”

He says that they source most of their products from their farm in Theni and Thiruporur.”To procure good-quality organic veggies and fruits we have also collaborated with over 70 farmers in Tamil Nadu,” he says.

As the onion prices have soared approximately to Rs. 70 per kilo at the local markets, this season, Dindigul onions that are priced at Rs. 51 per kilo are in demand at this store.

A kilo of organic country tomato is priced at Rs 15.

People can also shop for their products online at

Located at R.K.Mutt Road, diagonally opposite to Mylapore tank bus stop. Ph: 9840798098.