Dancers pay tribute to guru K. J. Sarasa

Every year, the sishyas of famed Bharatanatyam guru late K. J. Sarasa put their hands together to curate a dance festival in her memory. The 2020 festival was held last weekend, held over three evenings at Bharatiya Vidya  Bhavan, Mylapore.

Sarasa, well-known as a singer, nattuvanar and dance guru trained generations of dancers, some of whom have made a name for themselves. Her academy was based in Mylapore.

Sishya and dancer Shanmughasundaram ( seen in the photo) is the key person  behind the annual tribute to his guru and he does this despite limited financial support.

Last weekend, young dancers like Apoorva Jayaraman and Kavya Muralidharan, the dancers of guru Radhika Shurajit besides senior dancers Shanmughasundaram and Ramli Ibrahim from Malaysia performed.

Gurus and seniors associated with dance were honoured on the first evening of this tribute festival.


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