Exams must be held a few weeks after schools are reopened, say parents and staff of P. S. School

The lockdown has made it very difficult for certain schools to train their students.

R. Kala, the principal of P. S. Higher Secondary School, Mylapore says, “We have Whatsapp groups for every class and we have managed to add most of the students into the groups to train them but we have not been able to trace several students. While some could have left town, we have no way of knowing why their phones are not reachable”.

“Most of the students who study here are economically challenged and it is very difficult to teach them through online applications. Most of them do not have a computer at home and have very limited internet facilities too. So the parents and staff are of the opinion that having the exams atleast two weeks after schools are reopened will give us enough time to retrain the students and bring them up to date on their lessons”, she adds.

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