This veterinary clinic offers phone consultations, is open for emergencies only.

At SKS Veterinary Hospital at St. Mary’s Road, Abhiramapuram, doctors are now offering phone consultations.

S. Vijay, a staff member there says, “As a result of the lockdown several pet owners are a little wary of coming out and so our doctors have been advising them over the phone. For example, if their pet dog is bleeding or has a skin rash we ask them to send us a video on Whatsapp. We then ask them to go to their nearest pharmacy and get the medicines. We ask them to come down only if it is a life threatening emergency”.

When asked if pet owners have had questions about the effect of coronavirus on their pets, he says, “About a week ago we had one or two enquiries on whether the coronavirus can be passed onto pets. When we assured the pet owners that pets couldn’t get infected, they were relieved”.

Pet owners who come in for emergencies are required to wash their hands with soap before entering our clinic. “We have provided a washbasin with cleaning supplies just outside our clinic. We also have hand sanitizers inside the clinic”, he adds.

For details contact the clinic at 42108159.