Seniors feel the loss of home-made food deliveries by local caterers

Senior Mylaporeans who depend on local caterers who supply what is called home-made food are asking state authorities to allow caterers to operate after following prescribed regulations.

One couple in Alwarpet said that they often order lunch from one or two suppliers and that these suppliers were telling them that while they would like to continue the supply, police were not allowing movement.

Home delivery of cooked food is not allowed under the rules, said Mylapore zone Deputy Commissioner of Police, D S Sanjay. ‘Only the Collector can give passes.”

Mylapore MLA says he will discuss the issue with higher authorities and that there are many issues that will have to be dealt with like social distancing, hygiene.

Seniors say they cannot walk to places which offer food takeaways and their maids and helpers have been restricted to follow guidelines.

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