Six-kaala pooja being performed in Agamic way at Sri Kapali Temple

Sans devotees, the traditional six  Kaala Pooja is being performed in an Agamic way at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore.

The only service personnel inside the temple complex are the Gurukals, Vathiyars, Othuvars and paricharakars.

The musicians who play the nagaswaram during the pooja time are also there outside the sannidhi.

The evening group recital led by Srikanth at the eastern entrance opposite the Annamalayar sannidhi has also been called off.

Othuvar Sathgurunathar says the absence of devotees has meant a certain lack of positive vibration inside the temple.

Between two pooja periods, the two othuvars at the temple are continuously reciting Thiru Neelakanda Pathigam –  Avvinaikku Ivvinaiyaam – of Saivite saint poet Thiru Gnana Sambandar which he sang to relieve devotees from viral fever.

In another corner of the temple, the Vathyars are reciting Sookthams.

Othuvar Sathgurunathar has requested people to recite the Thiru Neelakanda verse at home through the day.

In a Whatsapp parayana of Karpagavalli Lalitha kodi sahasranama, the head priest of the temple, Jayakanthan Shivachariyar said that the current scenario is a sad and painful one.

However, he said those who believe in lord Kapaleesawarar and goddess Karpagambal have nothing to fear. He asked devotees to spend the time at home reciting slokas of God.

  • Reported by S. Prabhu


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