Vadu mangas have arrived

The vadu manga season has begun. Now, the bright green and round vadu mangas (baby mangoes) are stocked up at most of the pavement shops at South Mada Street, Mylapore.

While the Madurai vadu is priced at Rs. 300 per kilo, those from Madhavaram and Coimbatore are priced at Rs. 220 and Rs. 250 respectively for a kilo.

Says S.Kavitha, a hawker, who has been selling vadu mangas for some 32 years, “This year, as the rainfall was poor, the supply has been less. Hence, the rates are high.”

However, shoppers are not discouraged by the high cost. Many are seen thronging the market to buy their favourite mangoes.

Said Sethu Lakshmi, a shopper from Guindy, “Though the prices are high, I buy the mangoes due to its heavenly taste.”

Vadu manga pickle is a must-have with curd rice, she says.