Billiards and snooker players should continue to do concentration and neck exercises at home

Since the lockdown, several billiard and snooker players have not been able to drop into their local clubs to practice. Players must however continue to exercise at home, says Ganesh Namasivayan, the general secretary of the Tamilnadu Billiards and Snooker Association which is based at Devanathan Street, Mandaveli.

He says, “For billiards and snooker players their spine must be strong. When they bend over to hit a ball, their neck is strained. And since they stand for long hours, their thigh and leg muscles should be strong too. In addition to that, they need to work on eye and concentration exercises and improve their hand and eye coordination. Stretching their muscles regularly and doing yoga will keep them in shape till they are able to come back and play”.

He adds, “Once the lockdown ends, we are planning to initiate a campaign to encourage seniors and children aged 13-15 years to join our association”.

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