Chennai Corporation collaborates with volunteers to supply groceries for residents in containment zones

Chennai Corporation has collaborated with a few residents to supply veggies, groceries and other essentials to residents at the containment zones.

Containment zone is a 7 km area surrounding the residence of a virus-positive case. In each containment zone, streets are barricaded. To prevent the virus spread, residents living in this zone are restricted from stepping out. Hence, the Corporation with the help of some volunteers is door delivering essentials like veggies and groceries to these residents.

Says a Chennai Corporation official who manages the containment zones at San Thome and South Trustpakkam Street, Mandaveli, “To prevent the virus spread, the residents at the containment zones are asked to stay indoors.  Hence, to supply them veggies and other essentials, we have taken the help of local residents. Volunteer passes are given to them so they could go out to buy the items during the lockdown.”

At the containment zone in South Trustpakkam Street, Mandaveli, local residents ‘Bullet’ Kandhan and Samuel have chipped in to help the families in this zone with essentials. This street was barricaded on both sides after a woman tested virus-positive here.

Says ‘Bullet’ Kandhan, a resident of Mandaveli, “This zone has over 40  families. My mobile number has been given to all. Every day, the residents send me a list of items like veggies, groceries or medicines they require through WhatsApp. They also mention the local shops from where they need the stuff.”

To avoid standing in queues at these local stores/ supermarkets, Kandhan says he inturn messages the list to supervisors of the stores.”On the first day when I started this work, I briefed the local store managers and got their mobile numbers. So now, when I receive the grocery list from the residents, I forward it to the respective store supervisors.”

They pack the items and keep it ready for me to pick up as soon as I go there, he says. “My friend Samuel also helps me in this effort.”

After buying the stuff, Kandhan says he gives it to the residents from outside the barricades. “I wear masks, gloves and take all precautions while doing so. For seniors and others who are unable to come till the barricades, I drop the items outside their doors.”

To prevent the virus spread, the 40-year old says he avoids taking cash for the essentials. “I ask the residents to transfer money online through Paytm,” he says.

However, as there are over 40 families in this zone, Kandhan says it gets difficult to manage the grocery supply with just two of them.”More volunteers are required to supply essentials here. But, no one is ready to volunteer as they fear they might get infected by the virus.”

When asked if he has concerns of contracting the virus, he says, “I love doing public service. Hence, I don’t mind if I get infected or even die by the virus.”

People who may want to volunteer may contact Kandhan at 7010769840.

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