One tea. One biscuit. Refreshes civic workers, police personnel. A fortnight of community service.

A cup of tea and a butter biscuit can be refreshing for the civic worker on San Thome High Road or the policewoman at duty at Luz Circle.

This what community activist Baskar Seshadri has been doing every morning for a fortnight now. He roped in a chai-wallah of the area who was going about hawking tea at street junctions and began this service from 7 a.m.

From ten to 25 to 50 and now over 100 workers who keep our streets clean, police force who man the junctions and health workers who leave home at 6 a.m. to be part of the anti-virus campaigns locally.

All of them welcome the cup of tea because all tea shops are closed.

It costs a bit for Baskar and he has depended on donations made by well-wishers.

But he is not exhausted; he will keep at this till the funds keep coming.

Photo: Baskar Seshadri

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