Virus containment at San Thome : No new virus positive cases reported, says Chennai Corporation official

For the past few weeks, an intensive virus containment exercise is on at San Thome.

Chennai Corporation started it after a 65-year-old man tested positive for the virus in this area. Now, a Corporation official says that no new virus-positive cases have been reported from here.

Says Chennai Corporation’s Sanitary Inspector (SI), who is in charge of containment activities in this zone, “So far, only fever and cold cases have been reported. No new virus-positive cases have been reported. However, recently we identified a boy who had a continuous fever for some seven days. So we have sent his sample for testing. The results would come in a day or two.”

The SI says that persons who report fever/ cough will be asked to visit nearby Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHCs) for treatment. “In case, if they are unable to visit the hospital, Corporation’s doctors will visit their houses for check-up,” he says.

As part of the virus containment, the civic body demarcated a ‘containment zone’ around 5 km radius of the virus positive person’s house. An additional 3 km buffer zone was also created.

At both these zones, Corporation workers including Urban Primary Health Nurses, Domestic Breeding Checkers (DBCs) have been visiting all households to identify persons with virus symptoms (Cough, cold, breathlessness).

In addition, groups of workers are also carrying out disinfection at all streets falling in the containment zone.

The virus containment is set to end in a few days.


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