Confusion and chaos in Mylapore’s shopping zones as govt order confuses people

There was confusion and some chaos in parts of the Mylapore neighbourhood since this morning as many small shops opened for business, assuming that was allowed by the changed government regulations.

Shops that sell cellphones, hardware, electrical parts and even clothes opened in Mandaveli, R A Puram and in Mylapore.

By 11 am, there was a steady stream of vehicles on the main roads. People began to crowd at some shops to shop or gets things done.

But by noon time, police patrols began to ask shops to down their shutters. And almost every shop had shut down by 2 p.m.

Later, the DC of Police of Mylapore zone told Mylapore Times that the GO clearly says the shops can open only on May 6. There seems to have been some miscommunication on the orders.

Many small businesses are keen to open, whatever be the response of people and shoppers. They say they must start earning some revenue.

Many shops that sell clothes are keen to know when they can open for business.

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