More water for residents this summer, says Metro Water official

An additional 50MLD (Million litres a day) will be supplied to residents this summer, says a metro water official from Zone 9.

He says, “Zone 9 which covers most of the R. A. Puram, Mylapore and Abhiramapuram areas will now receive 700 MLD of water every other day. There has been an increase in demand partly due to the heat this summer and also the need for residents to wash their hands and keep their neighbourhood clean”.

Mylaporeans, he says, receive most of their water from the desalination plant at Nemmeli. “For the additional 50MLD we will tap into other sources of water too if needed”.

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  1. We are at 14/18, CP. Ramaswamy Street, Abhiramapuram and have not been getting metro water properly, despite various complaints given at the metro water office at C. P. Ramaswamy Road. Please take this to the relevant authorities and provide us a solution.

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