Policemen at Marina use ‘eye tracker’ app to restrict movement of motorists

Now, Marina traffic police are using an app called ‘eye tracker’ to restrict the movement of motorists, who are venturing out without a genuine reason.

The police say the app is very useful in identifying persons travelling from far off places without valid reason.

Says Jayaraj, a Marina police inspector, who checks motorists passing through Kamarajar Salai, “Earlier, as we were manually monitoring people’s movement, we were unable to find if the motorists were coming out for a genuine reason. However, now with the app, we are able to find that to an extent.”

He says, “Whenever a motorist is found flouting rules, we feed his phone number, the purpose of visit, location and time of his visit in the app. Police at all checkpoints across the city follow the same procedure. This way, the app will have the travel history of the motorist, and we will be able to access if they out for a genuine reason. ”

For instance, if I enter that a motorist has travelled through Kamarajar Salai, Marina at 10 a.m., the information will be available in the app. If the same person crosses Sholinganallur at 12 noon, with the help of the app the police there will get to know that the motorist has been travelling to distant places since 10 a.m., the inspector says.

Once found violating the rules, he says, the motorists are initially asked not to venture out unnecessarily. “If they repeat the offence, then a case is filed, and fine is collected from them.”

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