Shivaraman Street colony is now between two containment zones: this is how the residents are taking extra precautions

Since the lockdown, the residents of Shivaraman Street at Mandaveli have been continuously supporting the workers who have been keeping their streets clean.

Velayudham Jayavel, the president of the Shivaraman Street Residents Welfare Association says, “We are paying Rs.100 everyday to the worker who is cleaning our street. In addition to that we also gave 10 kgs of rice each to 10 other Ramky workers. We have placed an order for about 200 reusable masks, we will distribute the same to the workers of our ward”.

When asked about the precautions his residents were taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus, he says, “Our street is in between two containment zones, Trustpakkam First Street and Mandaveli Street and so we have been instructing our residents, especially seniors, to stay at their home through our Whatsapp group”.

“We have prepared herbal sanitizers using neem and turmeric and have been using them regularly on doorknobs and other common areas”.

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