Timeline of Coronavirus spread in Mylapore; From May 20 to May 30

The coronavirus outbreak that began in Mylapore by late March has now spread far and wide affecting more than 152 people in the neighbourhood.

Virus cases have since been reported from different parts including San Thome, R.A.Puram, Abhiramapuram, Mandaveli, Nochikuppam, and Thiruvalluvar Salai.

And so far, 5 COVID-19 related deaths have been reported from Mylapore.

Listed below is the timeline of the virus spread from May 20 to May 30.

On May 20, a 38-year-old resident of VOC Street, Teynampet who works at a Tamil TV channel got fully recovered and was back to his house.

On May 21, a 62-year-old man residing at Dooming lane off San Thome High Road tested positive for the virus.

On May 22, Ward 173 of Mylapore turned into a corona hotspot after 70 plus cases were reported from this area. Of the 70 plus cases, the maximum – almost 26 were reported from KVB Gardens. Also, one death was reported from here. The deceased was a virus-positive man who was undergoing treatment at the hospital. Corporation’s local area animator confirmed that he had multiple ailments including Kidney failure.

On May 23, a new virus-positive case was reported at Kuil Thotam, a TNSCB slum board colony off San Thome High Road. Around the same time, virus cases were reported at Nochikuppam, Nochi Nagar, PNK Garden, Kabali Thotam, and Raja Gramini Thotam.

On May 24, virus cases were reported from Karaneeswarar Pagoda Street, Police Quarters at Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, in Nochikuppam and at Kannilal Street off Gomathi Narayana Street in Mylapore.

At Karaneeswarar Pagoda Street, a 46-year-old man tested virus-positive. At Police Quarters at Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, a 29-year-old man has turned positive for the virus. At Kannilal Street, a 26-year-old woman tested virus-positive. At Nochikuppam, a 24-year old woman tested positive for the virus.

A few days ago, a 70-year-old woman resident of Kapali Thotam who first tested virus-positive from this area passed away.

On May 25, the sanitary inspector (SI) who monitors the virus cases at ward 173 in the Mylapore zone was infected by the virus. This was possibly the first case of a civic / health worker in Mylapore getting infected.

On the same day, 20 more virus cases were reported from KVB Gardens, taking the total tally of this area to 49. Also, 3 cases were reported from Sathya Nagar, a colony behind Greenways Road MRTS railway station.

A few days ago, a senior resident of Vaniyabathi area (R K Nagar area) who turned virus-positive two weeks ago, was fully recovered and was back to his house in Mandaveli.

Around the same time, one person contracted the virus in Periyapalli Street. Resident Porchelvan confirmed this to Mylapore Times. He also shared a photo of the barricade and flex banner plonked outside the gate of the pathway that leads to the residence of the said person who has taken ill.

On May 26, two new virus cases, one each was reported at Muthu Street and East Mada Street. And one case was reported at Nachiappan Street. Here, a doctor who runs a long-standing Nursing Home, near Sri Madhava Perumal Street zone tested positive and was shifted from his residence on the top floor of the Nursing Home into a block of tiny apartments behind it, said to be also owned by the doctor’s family.

Around the same time, Mylaporeans reported that a resident of an Apartment complex at Lalitha Nagar 2nd Street, opposite Rosary Matric zone contracted the virus. And, two cases were reported at TSV Koil Street.

Also, on this day, a 72-year-old man, a resident of Jeth Nagar in Mandaveli passed away after he tested virus-positive.

On May 29, cases were reported from Kutti Gramani Street zone that adjoins the virus hot zone – KVB Gardens. And, one case was reported from Papanasam Sivan Salai. On the same day, a San Thomite reported a case at Prof. Sanjeevi Street.

Also, a senior resident of Luz Church Road passed away at a city hospital, after contracting the virus.

On May 30, six new virus cases were reported at ward 125 in Mylapore. Of the six, one was reported at Salai Street, three at Nochikuppam, one at Karaneeswarar Kovil Street, and one at CID quarters at Papanasam Sivan Salai.

Note: Not all cases are listed or their condition updated in the Chennai Corporation data. MT relies on trusted local sources too.

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