Chennai Corporation uses autos to ferry symptomatic persons: from ‘fever’ camps to sample collection centres

To fasten the COVID-19 testing process, Chennai Corporation has started using autorickshaws to ferry symptomatic patients from its fever camps to the nearest sample collection centres.

This form of service began a few days ago.

Says an animator attached to Chennai Corporation’s local ward, “Each ward has been provided with one auto. Now, if people show virus symptoms (cough, fever, breathlessness) at the camps, the autos quickly ferry them to sample collection centres.”

People from Mylapore are taken to the Corporation’s kiosks at Triplicane or Nungambakkam for sample collection.

The samples are later sent to government hospitals for virus testing.

The autos used for this activity, she says are well sanitised. The auto drivers wear a mask and full PPE suit. The ones travelling in it also wear masks and keep a distance.

She says that similar autos are also provided to animators.”Using the auto, we (animators) ride along 7 or 8 streets around a camp location to inform the residents about the same. We make announcements regarding the camp location through a public address system.”

Earlier, the animators used to go door to door informing residents about the fever camps.

  • Picture courtesy: Chennai Corporation

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