Creative writing workshop for teens: by writer-editor Praveena Shivram

Wordy Tales’ is ‘an explorative creative writing workshop for those between 11 and 14 years, who love stories and are interested to find the magic behind them, and make friends with words for life.’
Writer-editor Praveena Shivram of Abiramapuram who will head this workshop says, ” What we will learn during this two-week workshop, among other things, are fitting the form to an idea, deriving expression from emotion, creating characters, narrative voice, and the different genres that make up a story.”
With live group sessions on weekends, individual work during the week, and one-on-one sessions towards the end, the workshop, says Praveena hopes to bring the composite being of a story alive and the very individual words that define it.
The first workshop, to start soon was booked in days so Praveena is offering a second batch from July 18 to the 31.

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Fees: Rs. 5,000. Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm
Praveena Shivram is an independent writer based in Chennai. Over the past 16 years, both her fiction and non-fiction have been widely published. More about her and her work at

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