Lack of public transport and police queries keeps most staff at Mylapore Post Office away from duty

Due to lack of transport facilities during the intense lockdown period, a majority of staff at Mylapore Head Post office off Kutchery Road have gone on long leave till June 30.

The post office, however, continues to function with 33% staff, as mandated by the government.

Said a staff at the post office on Wednesday, who is on leave, “Following lockdown, all staff were asked to report for work in rotation. But now, most of us who depended on public transport have taken leave from June 19 to 30 as we won’t be able to attend office during this period.”

Staff staying near the office or those who have their own vehicle manage report for work now, she says.

However, this staff we spoke to has opted to take off in spite of having a private vehicle.

“This is because, since the March lockdown, I have been facing a lot of issues in commuting to the office. I stay in Perambur and used to depend on public transport for travelling to my workplace. Following lockdown, my husband used to drop me to office in our two-wheeler.”

However, commuting on the two-wheeler too was not easy for her. While e-pass is mandatory only for people coming from outside Chennai, the staff says she was asked to furnish one, even if she resided in Chennai.

“Though I carried my original ID card and a letter from the Post Master, police used to ask us for e-pass. Similar issues were faced by other staff. We had a hard time convincing the police that we were essential service providers.”

Hence, to avoid such problems now, she says most staff have taken leave. “If we have used our earned leave, we are taking loss of pay leave.”

In May, when auto-rickshaws were allowed for a brief period, she says it was very helpful for them. “However, when autos were restrained from operating, we were back to square one. We are willing to work if the government arranges a bus for us.”

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